Learn with us the art of carving traditional Czech wooden marionettes, of designing stop motion animation puppets, of manipulation and performance.

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carving puppets

2017 workshops

NEW! Make the unique FOUR DANCERS MARIONETTE -all on one controller!

Plus classic marionettes, performance and film animation workshops!

Posted 15.3.2017

carving puppets

Bony Marionettes made at our Skeleton workshop

Three skeleton marionettes with bones that fly apart made at our March worskhop

Posted 10.3.2017

carving puppets

Mirek Trejtnar's toy in the victora&albert museum collection

The V&A museum has the cyclist push toy designed by Mirek Trejtnar in its collection- until recently listed as an "unidentified Czech artist."

Posted 16.2.2017

carving puppets

Czech Puppetry on UNESCO Cultural Heritage List

The UNESCO Committee recently decided that Czech and Slovak puppetry would be included on the list of intangible cultural heritage. Congratulations, Czech puppets!

Posted 7.12.2016


Puppet for Animation workshop finished

More super stop motion puppets are ready for the silver screen. Watch out- Some are scary!!!

Posted 31.10.2016

carving puppets

Video of cinderella

See our fantastic production of POPELKA (Cinderella) that enthralled hundreds of children at Prague's most popular summer festival

Posted 11.10.2016

carving puppets

Cinderella wows Czech audiences

During our August workshop PIP students created these beautiful marionettes for a fantastic production of POPELKA (Cinderella)

Posted 2.9.2016

carving puppets

Live action Marionette films

See 4 short, hilarious puppet films made by our students in our June 2016 workshop.

Posted 7.2016

carving puppets

Puppets: Stars of stage and screen

Our June workshop is finished with 4 short, hilarious puppet films. Click here to see photos; to see videos go to menu to see films.

Posted 7.2016

animation puppets

Animation puppets, puppets for animation

We finished our May workshop. Puppets are ready for films, festivals and glory!

family puppet theatre

Family Toy Puppet Theaters finished

Beautiful stages, scenery and wooden puppets - even a walrus! - in our latest toy puppet theatre workshop


Puppets in Prague recommends book

Figures in the Fourth Dimension is about mechanical puppets. It is full of beautiful images and makes it possible to start creating artworks using hundreds of technical drawings, which shows in detail how it all functions.


Puppets in Prague in New York 2015

Professor Mike Beckerman from NYU invited Mirek to come over and teach his music students to carve marionettes inspired by Dvorak operas. Puppets meet music!


Puppets in prague extravaganza 2015

June 21+22- Our 15th anniversary party with a TEATROTOC FESTIVAL and PUPPET CONFERENCE!