Weekend Workshops Fall 2021 Online


Learn new skills and meet puppeteers at our series of live, 2-hour workshops

Our first workshop on woodcarving is FREE! !


  • September 19: FREE! WOODCARVING basics + carving face: eyes/nose/mouth

  • October 3: CONTROLLERS: wire, string, animal martionettes

  • October 17: ACROBAT + UNICYCLE marionettes

  • November 7: AUTOMATA 2 design

  • November 21: DANCER JOINTS

  • December 5: FROG / BIRD marionettes

All sessions are on Sundays from 7-9 p.m. Prague time (1-3 p.m. EST).

Description of workshops


Woodcarving: basics + carving face: eyes/nose/mouth

Mirek Trejtnar has been carving for over 40 years. Get an overview of the basics of carving plus see how to successfully carve a marionette's face. Good for anyone who wants to brush up on their techniques. Time for questions and discussion.

September 19


All About Controllers

An in-depth look at what you need to consider when making a controller for your marionette. Will start wtih the basic Czech-style controllers for human marionettes, showing the differences between puppet on a wire vs. on strings. Then we will discuss how to adapt a controller for special movements of hands and feet, moveable jaw. We will also show how to design a controller for different kinds of animal marionettes, including how to add wings, tails, jaws, plus how to adjust them depending on size.

October 3


Acrobats: Juggler, Unicyclist, Balancing Chair Artist

Discover the technology of Czech trick marionettes popular in the 19th century. We will show how to make a marionette that would amaze the audienc by lifting and balancing a chair on its nose! Plus how to make your puppet juggle and ride on a unicycle. You'll learn how to design, carve, string and make a controller for each type.

October 17


Automata 2 Design

Last year we taught some basic wooden mechanical devices - in this workshop, we'll expand your techniquesand introduce you to new mechanisms, and we'll create some automata inspired by Christmas/winter- just in time for you to create a unique holiday present! Mirek will show how he has used these mechanisms in his own designs, including wooden toy designs.

November 7


Dancer joints

A workshop for anyone who wants to learn different techniques to make their marionette dance. This workshop will cover joint design and construction as well as how to create different styles of controller.

November 21


Frog and Bird marionette

Two very special designs - a hopping frog and a flying bird. Both have expressive movements that will mesmerize your audience, and their technology is quite unique.

December 5


Who are these workshops for?

These one-off workshops are designed for people who want to refresh their knowledge of puppet making as well as people who are new to the field. Our workshops aim to bring together puppeteers, students, and lovers of this craft together to teach new skills. At the end, you will get access to the recording of the workshop and all diagrams that are presented.


Price of demos

The workshops cost 850 Czech crowns (approx 32 Euros) each for 2-hour session

Find current exchange rates here.


The demos are taught in English.



Miroslav Trejtnar

Leader of workshop.

Miroslav Trejtnar graduated with high honours from the puppet design department of the Prague Academy of Performing Arts. He has trained with Institut UNIMA in Charleville - Mezieres in France. In 1989 he started the KID Company, designing and producing wooden puppets, toys and sculptures. His wooden cyclist toy is part of teh collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. 

Mirek has taught hundreds of students at Puppets in Prague workshops. He has also taught for the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, St. Martin’s College of Design in London, New York University in Prague, Chapito Circus Academy in Lisbon, Portugal, and in Macao and Hong Kong.


Leah Gaffen

History, Organization

Leah Gaffen is an American who has lived in the Czech Republic for 25 years.  She founded the Puppets in Prague workshops with Mirek Trejtnar, and has worked with him as a producer for the course since then.  She also runs Story Theatre, an award-winning children's theatre company based in Prague.