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A Brief History

We led our first workshop at the Macao European Festival in 1998. When we came back, we decided to organize workshops in Prague where people from around the world could come and discover the Czech Republic's rich puppet past and present. Our first workshop in Prague was in 2000, and since then we have taught hundreds of workshops. We want to spread people's understanding of the unique Czech puppet legacy.

In 2002 we started organizing puppet tours at the end of our summer workshops, giving students the chance to perform at Czech festivals. We started our own festival, Teatrotoc, which brought puppetry to the streets of Prague, inviting international and local companies to join our students. Since 2012, our Teatrotoc project has become part of Prague's beloved Letni Letna Summer Festival, and our students have the chance to perform in one of the most magical Czech events of the year.

We have also taught workshop that cover some of the most complicated types of marionettes: dancers, trapeze artists, acrobats, animals, break-away skeletons, dragons.... we are forever consulting with our students to find out what they would like to learn, and designing new workshops to help guide them.  We have also taught workshops on stop motion puppets and automata design.


In 2019, we took the workshops online, making Mirek's expertise accessible to people around the world. Mirek has written numerous articles for the Czech Puppeteer Magazine on puppet technology and is currently working on a book.

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