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PIP Videos

Take a peek at what goes on in our workshops

August 2023 Carving and Performance Workshop 

Clips from our final show, performed  to hundreds of kids at the Letni Letna, Prague's most popular summer festival

Wabash College Students in our workshop

What is it like in a PIP Workshop? Watch this documentary made by Wabash College student Jake Paige about their week-long workshop in November 2022

Don't Feed the Fish! Puppet film

Puppet film made in our June 2016 Marionette Carving workshop.

The Boy, The Girl and the Witches

Puppet film made in our 2015 Marionette Carving workshop.

Death Can Dance

A marionette music video, starring 7 break-away skeletons made under the guidance of Mirek Trejtnar in the Puppets in Prague Skeleton Online Workshop (January, 2021).

What is our Online Workshop  like?

Meet Teddy Yudain, Christina Rodriguez and Jackie Penrod, participants in our 2020 Online Workshops

EU comes to PIP 

European online identity came to our workshop in 2013 and made this short film about PIP

Get a glimpse at our carving and performance workshop

Documentary from about our 2013 Carving and Performance workshop. See here how students carved, painted and finished puppets, which they then used in rehearsals and in the show Faustus Faustus.

Close it! Stop Motion film 

What happens when your ball rolls into the closet? Film by students during our Puppets for Animated Film workshop in Prague (2013).

Mechanical Puppet by Mirek

Mechanical puppet made by Mirek Trejtnar and Filip Krupička, Prague 2019

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