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It's Back!

The second printing of the English version of Puppet Technology is done! You can order it now in the shop on our website!

What are people saying about our book?

"Very useful book about technology! Indispensable for every puppet library. Even experienced carvers can find here some new angles of incidence. Looking forward to the next levels..." - Alain Verheist, Belgium

"What a beautiful book. Discovering puppets with Puppets in Prague has been  an absolute joy. Thank you so much for all the care and knowledge that you put into your courses and now this wonderful book." - Christina Bain, Scotland

"I can say that it is one of the best puppet books I have ever owned.  Master Mirek Trejtnar gave us meticulously and disciplined training in our workshop in Prague. So is the book. As a puppeteer, puppet making, manipulation, materials, tools,measurements, everything about puppet and great tips. What perfect job master! I can’t wait to Part 2." -Filiz Aksu, Finland

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