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Goodbye, June Marionette Carving Workshop!

Thank you for bringing your sunshine to Puppets in Prague. We shall miss you!

Our ten students hailed from four continents. We carved together, we went to festivals and countless puppet shows together, we cooked, swept, laughed, ate ice cream, drank beer, and relished the long, summer evenings together.

"I exercised emotion, physical, and artistic muscles that I never knew I had. A brand new experience. Such a patient teacher, such largess from my workshop mates, from Mirek and Leah. I can't say enough - it quite changed me." - Caroline Heller (USA)

Marionette Carving Workshop - June 14-30, 2023

Chesley Cannon (USA), Leah Crosby (USA), Yumiko Nakamu (Japan), Bo de la Porte Simonsen (Denmark), Karin Parbst (Denmark), Baoyi Liang (China), Alicia Aulsebrook (Australia), Miguel Angelo Vieira (Portugal), Caroline Heller (USA)

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