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Miniature Theatre + Marionettes Online Workshop

Updated: 4 days ago

In this 4-month, in-depth workshop you will create everything for a puppet show: hand-carved marionettes, a wooden puppet theatre that folds down into a wooden box, backdrops, plus you will work with a professional puppeteer to work through the dramaturgy of your show.

In our highly personal workshops, you will meet regularly in small group sessions and individual consultations, getting the feedback and support you need. Our students are consistently amazed by what they are able to create with us online.

Starting March 3, you will meet every other Sunday from 5 -7 p.m. Central European Time (1-3 p.m. EST) until June.

Miniature Theatre Workshop: March - June 2024

The workshop is inspired by the rich tradition of Czech family puppet theatres, made in the 1920s. Find out more in this video!

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