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A Full House at our Puppet Kucha Talks

On June 9, during the Prague Quadrennial, 50 people crammed into the workshop for an evening of inspiration as 9 puppet artists from around the world presented their work. If you missed it, read more or you can see the recording of the livestream!

Sota Sakuma, Japanese puppet maker based in Prague, talked about the beginning of his puppet career: "I visited the a very small gallery in Tokyo which was full of marionettes from all over the world. I found one wooden marionette from the Czech Republic. This puppet was more of a sculpture or art piece ... I was so impressed. I saw life inside of the puppet. In that moment, I changed my life."

The directing-designing duo Jakub Šulík and Johana Bártová (MFA candidates from the Alternative and Puppet Department of Prague's Academy of Performing Arts (DAMU)), spoke about their exploration of different materials for telling specific stories and about the development of their new show based on their research in Iceland.

The designer Bára Hubená brought a box full puppets, showing her unique style as well as how she has been influenced by the traditions of wooden toys and carving.

Valerie Meiss presented her new film about the mysteries n a telephone booth.

Andrea Bear presented the mechanisms inside her charming sheep

And Chesley Cannon, who had just gotten off the plane from Hawaii, presented the wide range of designs he has made for the Honolulu Theatre for Youth.

Plus fascinating talks by Cleo Appleton about Burmese marionettes and David Rogers explored the intersection of puppetry and scenography.

Claudine Rivest joined us on Zoom with a screening of her puppet film, A Crab.

Thanks to everyone who joined us, both in person and online. See you in four years!

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