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Thank you, Angel Donors!

Updated: Feb 1

Our Scholarship Fundraising Drive has raised enough to pay for a full scholarship for our 2024 August workshop!


ARCH ANGELS: Kimberly Brandel, Robert Beuth, Troy Hourie, Caroline Heller, Dallas Hudgens Ochoa, Carol Sanford, and The Young People's Puppet Theatre - YPPT

GUARDIAN ANGELS: John Bowhers, J. Marc Branner, Pam Kravetz, Jacqueline Penrod, Suzan Pixton, David Roberts, Kate Wagamon, Frederique Yova

ANGELS: Roberta Annecchino, Ryan Bradburn, Rachel Healy, Adriana Hollenbeck, Pascale Tatiana Solages-Josephson, Bonnie Kim, Nancy Larrew, Lorraine Linkhauer, Madalyn Miller, Jennifer Rouse, Johanna Storm Rusu, Phillip Schloop, Tratincica Tinka Slavicek, Brendan Tay, Rosa Wallbrecher, Tracy Wilkes, Laura Zimmer

If you still want to help, any further donations will go towards a scholarship for a second student. . Donate here. 

Angel in photo by Bára Hubená.

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