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Congratulations to our 2024 Scholarship Winners!

We are thrilled to announce the winners of our 2024 scholarship winners. We had 33 applicants from 15 countries, and it was with great difficulty that we selected two winners. We are also excited to have two students working with us as Social Media Assistants at our summer workshops. Find out about the four talented artists who will be joining us this summer thanks to our scholarship program!

These scholarships were made possible because of generous support of our Angel Donors.

Do you want to help another student come to future workshops? Please make a donation to our scholarship fund- even small contributions help!

Full scholarship

Pamela San Martin Gonzalez, Chile 

Pamela has been working in the area of puppetry for many years with a specialization in Lambe Lambe miniature puppet theatre. In 2012 she founded the Colectivo Escena Cuántica for research and creation of miniature theatre, and since 2019 she has directed the LambeSur Festival of Lambe Lambe theatre. In the early 2020s she ran two workshops in Chile on how to build giant marionettes with the Swedish artist Felix Viden Norgrenin. She has also worked extensively in education, teaching and leading workshops for teachers, children and parents.  She is fascinated by how the art of puppetry intersects wtih the philosophy of mindfulness and meditation.

There is not a strong tradition of carving or marionettes in Chile, and Pamela is very excited to spend the month learning about this tradition so she can bring what she learns back to her region.

Partial scholarship

Tyler Quick, USA

Tyler is a performer, designer, script-writer and props builder based in New York. He began his work in puppetry in 2014 at the Columbia Marionette Theatre under artistic director Lyon Hill. Tyler now works as a puppeteer for the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre in Central Park and as a freelance puppet and prop builder.

While he has extensive experience in building, Tyler has not done much woodcarving. He has wanted to come to a Puppets in Prague workshop for many yeas, and we are so thrilled that he can finally make it this year.

Social Media Assistant, June

Kej Kim, S. Korea

Kej Kim is a performer, director, sculptor and writer based in Seoul. Her work moves between genres and combines all of the arts. She studied sculpture in university in Seoul, and performance making at Goldsmith University in London. She has created numerous experimental productions in Seoul and the UK. She also works as a teaching artist.

Social Media Assistant, August

Paul Haesemeyer, USA

Paul attended Wabash College, where he studied costume design under Andrea Bear, a designer who has participated in many Puppets in Prague workshops. Andrea also coordinated a workshop in Prague for Wabash students which Paul was a part of. Paul is now an independent artist, and in 2021 he designed a fashion collection with original sweater designs. He is now on a Fulbright scholarship in Latvia learning about the overlap of hand knitting and storytelling. "I am ultimately a storyteller who loves exploring new techniques to spin a yarn."

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