Learn with us the art of carving traditional Czech wooden marionettes, of designing stop motion animation puppets, of manipulation and performance.
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Article in www.peopleinprague

Title is "Puppet master Mirek talks about Czech marionettes" and it is about...yes, Czech marionettes, but not only.
Written by Ryan Keating. Photography by Petr Kurečka. Click and see it all...
posted 15.4. 2014

Skeleton puppets

This time we have four new amazing Skeletons. Click and see...
posted 14.4. 2014

A Bohemian Toy Story

This feature on Czech wooden toys by London-based magazine Monocle visited the Puppets in Prague workshop and interviewed Mirek Trejtnar, founder and leader of PIP. Take a look!
posted 14.12. 2013

Faustus: making of

See short film about preparation of puppets and creation of show Faustus Faustus this August in Prague. click...
posted 17.11. 2013

Film: all show Faustus Faustus

See film made during performances in festival Letni Letna in Prague. Just click...
posted 17.11. 2013

Film from October Animation workshop

See new short film made by students with puppets they created with us in Prague. Just click...
posted 1.11. 2013

Photos from October Animation workshop

See photos of animation puppets and some more from Film studio and from creation of puppets. Just click...
posted 1.11. 2013

Photos from August

See photos of marionettes and some more from show Faust performed by our students. Just click...
posted 26.9. 2013

Photos from August carving and manipulation workshop

See photos of marionettes making and development of show Faust...
posted 22.9. 2013
final puppets

Photos from June carving workshop

See our students and teachers working on puppets and final photos of marionettes. Just click...
posted 16.6. 2013
final puppet2

Photos from workshop Puppet for animation

New collection of great puppets and photos from workshop. Just click...
posted 13.5. 2013

Puppet for film Kara

Two identical puppets, but one is marionette and one is with metal armature. Is that possible?
posted 12.5. 2013


Last film from April workshop.
posted 30.4. 2013

Skeleton and Acrobat Carving Workshops finished

Take a look at the amazing acrobatic and skeleton marionettes made by Ana Diaz Barriga, Dylan Dalton, Izumi Ashizawa.
posted 27.3. 2013

Manipulation of acrobatic puppets

Our students had the unique chance to learn how to manipulate a galloping horse with his tamer, a swinging monkey, a strong man duo, and all sorts of other acrobatic puppets. They learned secrets passed down over the centuries with the Karromato Theatre.
posted 27.3. 2013

"Death can Dance" Marionette

Look to the documentary film of performance Piskanderdula (Prague 2012), which masterfully used the skeleton puppet.
posted 18.2. 2013

PIP go´s EU

A documentary film about PIP is now on the web. It is part of an EU project about small busineses..."When 12 years ago, he and his partner Leah had this dream to start a business project around their fascination with puppets, they never thought they would reach the audience they have today".
posted 5.2. 2013

January animation finished

Horse with shoes, bear with hat, deer with saxophone and more very interesting puppets made by students of our January Animation workshop see here...
posted 15.1. 2013

New film: Duplicity

New film made by students of "Puppets for film animation" 1/2013 in January 2013.
posted 15.1. 2013

NEW Sculptures exhibited

Mirek (course leader) just finished a few new sculptures for his exhibition here in Prague. And some of them move!
posted 21.11. 2012

NEW Animation film Lotta´s livingroom

This short film was made by students of our October workshop. Want to see? Click here...
posted 5.11. 2012

NEW Animation puppets

A collection of interesting characters has been made by students during our last workshop. We have a lion in a suitcase, a film star, a bird and...
posted 5.11. 2012
snow white

Snow White puppets

The puppets for our August workshop ended up as characters in "Snow White" - click here to see some quite unusual and beautiful dwarves! Plus of course Snow White herself and a not-so-beautiful, but very intriguing, Queen....
posted 3.9. 2012
snow white

Snow White on tour

Students took their freshly carved puppets on the road, performing for kids and their parents at two Prague Summer Theatre Festivals and on the streets of the UNESCO heritage town Kutna Hora. The show met with success everywhere it went - photos here.
posted 2.9. 2012

Puppets made in July 2012 workshop

Click here for photos from our second summer workshop.

posted 12.7. 2012

Puppets made in June 2012 workshop

Click here for photos from our first summer workshop.

posted 3.7. 2012